Eve-Online Spreadsheets

Hi, Ankanos here.

here are a collectiion of spreadsheets that i have aquired over time while playing eve.
most all of these are top quality sheets widely recognized in the eve community.
sheets with a ** next to them are ones i use the most.
all are in excel format except where noted with (prgm)
-those are exe's.
note, the npc db's are rather old and do not reflect the npc's currently in RMR.
i've left them up as a an old reference and for those that may want ideas
for creating their own sheets.

i think the authors show up on the property sheet.
do send them some iskies for their fine efforts! :)

Eve Spreadsheets

  • Salvage_calculator1_1.zip <- more refined
  • Angelina_Salvage_calc_1_0.zip

  • Dreadnought and Freighter Cost Calculator.zip
  • EVE_Universal_Spreadsheet.zip
  • EVE_agent_data_V2.zip **
  • EvE_Trading_Sheet_v1.zip
  • EveOnline_OreCalculator.zip (prgm)**
  • EVE_Data_Sheet.zip - Outstanding Production Sheet (Tinkymouse's last sheet fixed by Ayulin (RMR build)
  • Eve_ship_construction.zip ** -simple mineral req sheet for ships only.
  • Fubars_JET_CAN.zip -Fubars's sheet with ore amounts pre-set to jetcan volume (27,500m3)
  • Fubars_Refining_Calculator.zip
  • Miner Setup Calculator v5.3.0.zip (prgm)** a single menu driven EXE that will show the ore rate of any T1 ship/barge. -handy
  • NewEWPlus.zip
  • POS_Gestion_Public_v1.zip
  • beta.zip ** -my fav. i use this and bpdb_full the most. great costing sheet, -has all manufacturable items in game
  • bpdb_full.zip ** - my fav. same as above
  • eve_equipment.zip
  • npcdb.zip
  • npcdb_lite.zip
  • piratedb_new.zip
  • profit_production_worksheet.zip
  • refining.zip **
  • skilldb_lite.zip
  • tech 2 components.zip
  • weaponrydb.zip
  • beta25.zip (damage calc sheet)
  • tanking.zip (shows effective HP's and noramlized repair etc)